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About Hiring Talent.

Yes! Our expert recruiters can add highly skilled professionals to your team either remotely or in-house.

Call us at (888) 778-9795 to get started,  fill in our talent request form or drop us a line at [email protected]

We’re here to help! Call us now at (888) 778-9795 to discuss your options, fill in our talent request form or drop us a line at [email protected]

Our candidates can work on any deviceyour company provides, or can connect to your network with their own device(BYOD).  Call us now at (888) 778-9795 or drop us a line at [email protected]

Our team of dedicated expert recruiters takes out time to understand your unique hiring needs. Whether you're looking for a single employee or an entire team [remote or in-house], we'll connect you with skilled professionals for free.

Yes, but you only pay after you get an employee. Plus, our rates are reasonable because we want you to save on time and money spent on finding qualified candidates with us! Here’s what you get:

  • No Upfront Costs- You don’t pay any fees until you get an employee. With this, you get to save on time and money meant for the right employee for the job.
  • No Staff Turnover Costs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, turnover can cost you 33% of an employee’s total compensation, including wages and benefits.  We cut such risks by connecting you with interested, pre-screened candidates. And also help to provide competitive pricing and benefits. 
  • Reduced Overtime. Say goodbye to having employees work longer due to inefficiency.
  • Reduced Training Time. We help provide free training resources to employees to prepare them from the interview up to when you hire them.
  • The Perfect Match, Every Time. Finding the right fit on your own requires a lot of time to vet candidates to see if they fit your company’s culture and needs. That’s why our Temp to hire solution allows you to bring someone on, assess how they work and fit in with your company before giving a full-time offer. 
  • Flexible Staff as Needed. Dealing with employee slowdowns or long-term sick leave? We’ve got you covered with flexible, temporary workers to save you from such unstable employee situations.
  • No Unnecessary Costs. According to MIT, costs of basic salary, employment taxes and benefits are typically in the ‘1.25 - 1.4 times base salary’ range. This means if you hire an employee at the cost of $50,000/year, the extra costs are $16,500 - $20,000 more than that. 

But with us, you’ll only pay mandatory benefits [like Paid Sick leave] until you decide to place the employee on your payroll. 

  • Save Costs with a Reliable HR Consultant. Hiring us as your HR consultant will help you recruit and maintain your workforce while saving up on overhead costs and office space.
  • Payroll Done Right. We’ll help you stay up-to-date on the current laws and operating which means lesser mistakes, man-hours, and costs when it comes to your payroll.

We have 50+ years of combined experience in Healthcare, IT/Tech, and remote placements. And we keep growing!

We’re committed to not just filling your open positions but also finding the best fit for the position and your company’s culture.  We’ve got a vast network of qualified candidates ready and waiting.

Yes! Based on your business needs, we can provide you with one candidate or an entire team of skilled professionals. Call us now at (888) 778-9795 to describe your hiring needs, fill the form or drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll do the rest.

We take away the hassles that come with in-house and remote recruiting by helping you create a productive, active workforce. And we'll connect you with skilled professionals for the positions you have available - whether 1 or 1000! Call us today at (888) 778-9795, fill the form or drop us a line at [email protected] to get started.



  • Short-and Long- term.

Get access to highly qualified candidates on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Now, you can quickly staff up without having to hire full time and save

  • Temp to Hire.

Enjoy the flexibility of hiring short-term staff so you can assess their performance before hiring full-time.