How to Create a LinkedIn All-Star Profile

1. LinkedIn Profile URL

Once you join LinkedIn, the first thing you should do is customize your LinkedIn profile URL. Preferably your name or something similar that is memorable and easy to share.

2. Professional Photo

Use a professional photo of yourself. This should be a picture of you solely with a professional or white background. You can always edit the background and cut it out using a program like Photoshop. The photo attire should be business professional. Profiles with no photos are less likely to be viewed and found on LinkedIn.

3. Career Summary

You can use the summary you created for your resume or create a whole new one. It is expected to be in first person. Remember, this summary should still prove what you can do for a company. Many websites state to put personal information. This is true up to a point. You may want to hint at your passions and what makes you unique, however, LinkedIn is still a business professional networking site. Long stories will probably not be read and it just takes up space. Keep it to a reasonable length and straight to the point. The summary should be kept professional and business-minded.

4. Informative Headline

There are about 120 characters to use. This is an opportune time to use keywords. Keeping it simple can increase your rank to be found and it’s easier to tell about who you are right away.

For instance, my headline is as follows:

Professional Resume Writer | Business Consultant | Future Forensic Electrical Engineer | Photographer | Academic | Gamer

What does my headline show about me? It shows I’m a Professional Resume Writer, I’m getting a degree in Engineering, I Photograph, and I’m a gamer. In a nutshell, this is who I am. It shows I’m passionate about education, career development, engineering, and gaming. What keywords describe you?

5. Work History

There should be at least 3 of the most recent positions you have held. If you are just starting your career, you may have to wait a bit to add this information. Internships can be used too. Depending on the internship, this is a great way to show your skills. Adding work history increases your rank on LinkedIn.

6. Skills

You should add at least 15 skills at first. This will help your connections endorse you when the time comes.

7. Education

Adding education helps fellow alumni connect with you and shows your commitment. This includes all education including high school.

8. Connections

For your profile to be complete, you need to have at least 50 connections. As a reminder, don’t send long messages to people simply add them as a contact. Many people are busy and use LinkedIn for business. Try to get recommendations from your connections since they really are testimonials of your work. Just make sure they demonstrate how you made a difference.

9. Groups

You should add yourself to groups that interest you. You should add yourself to at least 10 groups. This is a great way to connect to others and really gives insight to information.

Any of the information above that is not on your profile will make it incomplete on LinkedIn.

Bonus Tip

Recommendations are a huge way to prove to prospective employers that you are a professional and have the rapport to prove your skills. Recommendations are harder to come by, so they are viewed as testimonials to your work ethic and skills.

Autor and source of this article: Tina Marie Gonzales, MBA | MISM –

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