Tailoring a resume shows you care about wanting a specific job. All the keywords and knowledge you need is on the job description.

1. 30 Second Visual Test

This test decides if your resume goes in the interview pile. A resume should not have everything you have done in your life unless you do not have enough experience to fill a page. Managers look at specific details in your resume. That is why it is crucial to make sure you tailor your resume to the actual job description. The resume should look aligned, clean, consistent, and flowing. However, if a human is not reading your resume first, there is another hurdle that job seekers must overcome.

In the current job market, ATS systems are used to screen resumes for potential candidates. Keywords are what ATS systems scan to detect a match for a job description. Job descriptions have words in every section. The way to decide what keywords are crucial on a resume is to look at the job description itself.

For example, if the job description says, “Establish new accounts by organizing and planning daily work schedule to build on existing or potential sales outlets.” The keywords are accounts, organizing, planning, schedules, and sales. These keywords should be included for the ATS systems to read them.

2. Career Summary

A career summary was called an Objective Statement. Objective Statements were geared to what the candidate wanted not what the employer needed. This is a very outdated practice and can lead to the trash pile. Remember, your resume should show what you can do for the employer. The interview is when you screen them. The career summary summarizes your whole experience in a few sentences and aligns with the job description. This should be 3 to 4 sentences long and straight to the point.

3. Bullet Points

Resumes should always have bullet points. This helps to guide the reader, regulates white space, and gives the reader’s eyes a break from so much text. Make sure the employer can read the resume.

4. Core Expertise

Core Expertise is an extremely important part of a resume. You can use this section to add more words from the job description. This shows an employer your resume was tailored to the position they advertised. Your resume should have no more than 12 bullet points in the Core Expertise section. More than 12 can really make a resume look crowded and unprofessional.

5. Resume Type

There are several types of resumes, however, chronological and functional resumes will be the main focus. These are the two types used most often.

A chronological resume has each company listed with job duties under the titles. This is a resume focuses on each job individually.

A functional resume has your overall skills listed first. For example, the heading may say sales and sales experience job descriptions under it. Below the job description is where the company, location, your job title, and the years of employment are located. This is more suited for individuals with large gaps in their work history.

6. Resume Length

A resume should be no more than 2 pages. No one wants to read a 3–5 page resume. Exceptions to resume length would be when adding supportive documentation such as publications, certificates, et al.

A resume should have current information and must pertain to the job you are applying up to 10 to 15 years. For example, if you have certificates from 10 years ago and they have nothing to do with your current career, eliminate them. This can prevent HR from making an “ageist” discriminatory decision.

7. Dishonesty

This is a huge problem worldwide. If you can’t prove something on your resume, don’t put it on your resume. For instance, if you say you know a certain popular program and the company tests you, you have just made yourself out to be a liar.

A company can retract a job offer. This is your career and future, don’t jeopardize it.

Job Description Source: http://jobdescriptionandresumeexamples.com/sales-representative-job-description-example-duties-tasks-and-responsibilities/

Autor and source of this article: Tina Marie Gonzales, MBA | MISM – https://medium.com/tinamgonzales44/7-resume-writing-tips-a28993a059b7

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